businesses for sale

10/10 businesses that will 100% work. don’t steal them.
created with my mates at kesselskramer whilst we were chatting shit bored of working on decks.

advent calendar


apply to work at kesselskramer

the infamous KK was hiring and we sensed people were unsure of how to apply.
a simple tutorial to help, never harmed anyones.

what came first?

no one knew, the chicken or the egg. until i ordered both off ebay and the chicken arrived first.

tom on a beach on a bridge

that one time it was hot. 


a safe way to flirt with a colleague. no harm caused, job kept intact.

the lost art of returned deposits

an ode to the scum (landlords) of the world.

very versatile beans

just love beans don’t i. 


flatpack son

couldn’t go home for mother’s day, so sent myself in the post. 

so long, metrics

i led the fight for KesselsKramer to shift their units of measurement from metrics to hands. with a shoestring budget we changed the way the company operates for the good. a bold statement but a step in the right direction. 

greggs vegan sausage roll

bought one, put it on ebay, they sold out, got loads of bidders.
didn’t get a gift voucher for my efforts.